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Find Your Power

Find Your Power pic
Find Your Power

Do you feel like all you have ever known is struggle? Even though you can count your blessings until you are blue in the face because you do realize you are blessed, at the end of the day, you still feel like you are struggling–struggling to live peacefully with your spouse, to be consistent with your parenting, to encourage your children to get along, to stay on top of things at work, to keep the house decent, to pay the bills, to make ends meet, to ever get ahead? Are you ready to Find Your Power and move beyond struggle? I sure as heck am.

I have written blog posts that talked about the reality of my situation where I said, if you want expert advice in finances, organization, business, or healthy eating, don’t come to me. When J.K. Rowling said, “And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life,” I can relate. I know my situation could get worse, but I’m at rock bottom of what I have experienced in my life so far. I am 34 years old and I feel like someone just handed me an encyclopedic sized book entitled How To Be A Grown Up.

I feel ridiculous when other women compliment me on my parenting, “Girl, I don’t know how you do it? Five kids!” The whole time we’re conversing, I’m thinking how glad I am that they can’t see what a wreck my house is or my bank statement. My neighbors know all about my parenting because they see the ugliness my kids display in the front yard as they yell all sorts of obscenities over who gets shotgun. Guess what? My teenagers aren’t allowed to cuss but they do it anyway. Compliment me now. Since my husband left 8 months ago, my children and I have had more McDonald’s $1 menu meals and bowls of cereal for dinner than I care to admit. I make $100 a week babysitting. Yep, that’s right. The face behind I Am A Powerful Woman is a babysitter probably making less than my teenage colleagues.

All of that to say that I don’t have it together. I’m surviving, but I don’t want to survive. I want to give my life my best shot. I want to have a plan for my family’s success and if I don’t make it, who cares. I will have tried my best and had fun doing it. I am ready to find my power in each area of life that needs work (which is every area honestly, and I think we all would agree that parenting needs to be first on the list of areas to tackle, what with the cussing kids in the front yard and all that) and excel.

Find Your Power

My strengths going into this Find Your Power phase of life are that I use Self Care daily to stay grounded in my well being in the midst of some pretty major trials, and I REALLY believe in possibilities for myself and others. If there was a Queen of Possibility, I would be it or next in line for the throne behind Oprah.

My focus for the rest of 2013 is Find Your Power! I will be sharing my own journey in finding my power, resources that I find useful, and ideas that I implement that work. If you also are on a journey to Find Your Power, please stay connected. Comment below or come to I Am A Powerful Woman and share where you are and what has worked for you.

I Am A Powerful Woman was never about me and how powerful I am. It was always my intention to encourage others to grow in their power as I was growing in mine, because this power is in all of us.

This is our year POWERFUL woman! Find Your Power!

I believe in you!

Sarah Boucher


I’m Not Listening To Experts

I Am A Powerful Woman
I’m Not Listening to Experts!

I’m not listening to experts! You can’t make me! I am so stubborn when it comes to making changes even if the change is going to revolutionize my life. Why is that? Why do I think I am more intelligent than the experts in a particular field? It does not matter what area of my life will improve, I’ll have some excuse (maybe more than one) as to why I can’t follow their method to victory.

My mom said that I was such an obedient girl until I reached my teen years. Maybe I am making up for all of those years. The teenage rebellion wasn’t enough to satisfy the rebel within.

When it comes to applying an expert’s knowledge in my life, I turn all infantile. I throw myself to the ground and a tantrum ensues.

I Am A Powerful Woman

But I don’t want to get up early to…pray, meditate, plan, write, clean…


You name it, I don’t want to get up early and do it–even if it is something I really would like to do at some point in the day. I do not want to hit the ground running and be productive for whatever reason. I do not want to get my life more organized so I can enjoy peace. I prefer lugging around this bucket of stress and chaos. I don’t want to exercise and eat healthy . I would rather age and feel it.

How ridiculous is my stubborn will?

Unless I am committed to _______, I am going to fight it with every bit of my being.

Time to Change

To quote the Brady Bunch, “When it’s time to change, then it’s time to change.” Peter Brady could not keep his voice from changing and I must not keep my life from changing. I know too much now. Knowledge is power and, “and with great power comes great responsibility.“ (Thank you Peter Parker’s uncle.)

“Knowledge without application is meaningless.”
Thomas Edison

It is so true. You can hear about Dave Ramsey, take his Financial Peace Course, and know the program inside and out, but unless you take action to control your finances, they will remain a mess. You can learn all about Flylady’s Fly Journal, but unless you take action and practice organization, your house remains a mess. Knowing “more more” about Jesus doesn’t make you a Christian. Any change requires knowledge and action.

It’s time to listen to the people who have been there and done that. That is why they are called experts. This week I am going to think about the different areas of my life (mind, body, spirit, finances, relationships) and follow some expert advice. I can be obedient. I have done it before. I just have to embrace my inner one to twelve year old.

To sit back, know what I know, and continue to not change is a crime against myself and my family punishable by being at the end of my life, looking back and saying, “If only I had_______.”

I am on a mission to get on top of my life. I’m pretty sure if I quit saying I’m not listening to experts but seek their wisdom instead, that I will accomplish this goal.

That’s what the experts say to do anyway–to start listening to experts.

Comment below or come over to facebook and tell me whose expert advice you followed and how it changed your life.


Goofing Around
My photographer/oldest son is so much fun to goof around with.

Sarah Boucher


Don’t Miss All The Fun

Katherine Hepburn quotes

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”–Katherine Hepburn

Are You Reacting or Creating?

Have you ever had your day planned out?  You are going to get a shower first, grab a quick bowl of cereal with the kids, load up and go to the library.  Then all you want to do is come home and relax with those good books and movies.  The perfect Saturday.

You’re all set to go.

You get up and get your shower–check.  You call the kids to the table for cereal and they come running in.  As they fuss over who sits where, the phone rings.  You see it’s your friend Jennifer.  You answer.  Jennifer has some crisis and is headed out of town.  She promised to take Jill’s five kids for the day so Jill and her husband could go to the 10th Annual Yodeling Championship where they have competed and taken first place for 10 straight years.  You can’t say no.  You don’t want to disappoint Jennifer or Jill.  After all, they have always been there for you when you needed them.

That quiet day with your kids just turned into an all day kidfest because you reacted to the phone ringing.  You diverted from your original family day plan and answered the phone.  This might seem harsh but

a. Jennifer could have called five other friends when you did not pick up


b. There are enough people in your life that you could spend your ENTIRE life running here and there to please others–allowing them to accomplish EVERYTHING on their to do list while yours goes undone.

Are you living life this way?  Are you reacting to every call, text, and request that comes your way or are you creating your day and a life you live joyfully each day?

 “Make each day your masterpiece.”

Don’t Miss All The Fun

Whose rules are you following?

Whose day are you living?

Is it your day?

A little over five years ago, I learned that I get a say in the way I spend my time.  I was living my life as a complete people pleaser and feeling used up and drained when I read Boundaries.

Are there people in your life telling you what you should and shouldn’t do?

You should get a job.

You should do this with your money.

You should parent your kids this way.

You should sign up for this committee.

You should…should…should…


You shouldn’t…shouldn’t…shouldn’t…

It occurred to me recently that I do not need all of these extra voices swirling around in my head.  I am fully capable of making wise choices and if I make a mistake–I learn from it and move on.  I will be okay and so will you.

I was not created with unique gifts to become a people pleaser and stifle my dreams.  I was not created to make someone else look good or to fit into a set mold.

Disclaimer!!! There is a difference between loving and serving others by choice (which is a most excellent and worthy pursuit and one I suggest making part of your life) and being manipulated and controlled by others.  FREEDOM!!! Not anything goes freedom.  Not freedom to the detriment of others.  But pure joy that comes from having healthy boundaries and not reacting all day to the demands of others. For instance, I’m not going to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater, for the thrill of it,  to the detriment of others.  But it is okay to have healthy boundaries and say YES to you and no to the friend that continually takes advantage of your kindness.  You know the friend I am referring to.  The one that when the phone rings and you see her name pop up, you hesitantly answer.

I might offend some with this post, but for those of you who have people pleased until you are SOOO unhappy and you feel lost, I hope somehow this frees you up to say no from time to time and take a stand for you.

The truth is the people you are trying to please aren’t thinking about you.  They are busy worrying about how they are using their time and what people were going to think about what they are doing.  And if they are spending time fretting about your life–they need to stop trying to control your life and start living theirs.

Grab a pen and paper and jot down these three life changing tips.


If you don’t want to go to that event you feel obligated to go to–then don’t.

If you don’t want to answer the phone–then don’t.

You get the point.


You have choices available to you in any situation.  You never have to do anything you don’t want to do.  People may not love what you decide to do, but it is your life.


If you want to be free of people pleasing, you cannot worry about ruffling feathers.  You either want to live your life or you want to live to please others.

I have found that Katherine Hepburn was right.  I have experienced much more fun since I quit following all of the rules.

I became a risk taker.  I get an idea and I go for it.  Guess what?!  Sometimes my ideas don’t go anywhere but it is so much fun to try.

I say NO more often.  I do not answer the phone every time it rings.  Guess what?!  I have missed a couple of really important calls, but I survived and so did the person on the other end.  Advice–be sure to call them back by the end of the day.

I  would love for you to come on over to fb and connect with me there!

–Sarah Jean

I Am A Powerful Woman









Act Your Age


“Everybody is talented, original, and has something important to say.”

–Brenda Ueland

We love to watch the people who play for a living. As individuals we spend hundreds, thousands, and collectively we spend millions of dollars a year to be entertained by their youthfulness, by people who never act their age.  In most homes there are boxes in every room dedicated to the young at heart–to people who make millions acting silly–pretending all day to be someone they aren’t–playing dress up or telling jokes!  

Men get together in each other’s homes or in bars to watch “the game.” On those entertaining but life stealing, time wasting or time stealing, life wasting boxes known as t.v.’s and in the lives of individuals connected to the young at heart, awards shows and entire days, weeks, and even months (the Olympics) are dedicated to actors and athletes–those who spend their lives pursuing their dreams and never growing up–those who pretend all day or play games. 

“It is never too late to become what you might have been.” George Eliot

We admire and all wish that some small part of us were brave enough to pursue our own dreams. Deep inside each of us is a desire to never grow up–to pursue the thing we feel most alive doing. What is that thing for you? What is the one thing you would spend your entire day pursuing if you were not so busy acting your age? Please comment below.  
Keep in the back of your mind that there are many ways to work towards that dream. What is the tiniest step you can take today towards that life long dream? Every day take one more tiny step towards making that dream, that activity, part of your life. 

“Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

You will have the experience that you have just been awakened from a deep sleep.

YOU will come ALIVE!!!

And you will be giving the world that gift which you were brought here to give.

The rest of us lose out if you act your age!  You have something to share.  Share it!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
–Howard Thurman
I would love to connect with you on facebook!
Make yourself a ridiculously happy POWERFUL life!
Sarah Jean

How Did I Get Here?

Flame Tattoo

Hey! Who put that there?

Do you ever feel like that?  How did I get to this place in my life?  How did we end up in this situation?  How did that huge flame tattoo end up as a permanent part of my body?

I have been scratching my head for a couple of years at how I came to be in this place in my life. How did I end up the mother of 5 children?  How have we survived all of these years on one income and especially the last couple of years?  And now more than ever It feels like it all just happened to me–that I was not an active participant.  But that’s not true.  It has all been a series of choices and reactions to choices and thoughts about reactions to choices.  I recently read the book The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews and he has many good things to say about how we end up where we end up and what we can do from this point if we want to be successful.

“By disclaiming responsibility for our present, we crush the prospect of an incredible future that might have been ours.”  The Traveler’s Gift

I highly recommend the book!

Crazy things do happen to us.  Marriages fall apart, people get sick and die.  There is very little in this life that we have control over.  But we get to choose how we react to the crazy circumstances and we have control over ourselves.

How does all of this fit with a picture of my big flaming tattoo?  I’m not sure exactly.  Somehow in my mind–it does.

To me, my super sized tattoo represents walking through trials–walking through the flames and not being burned.  My husband and I walked through these same fiery trials 6 years ago.  I thought we both made it out unscathed.  My mom, who tried desperately to thwart my efforts to get inked, calls this my battle scar.  These are the verses that inspired my tat.

When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze..–Isaiah 43:2

It also represents growing in those trials.  If I had my druthers, I’d really rather not do all of this growing.

“These trials are only to test your faith,
to show that it is strong and pure. It
is being tested as fire tests and purifies
gold, and your faith is far more precious to
God than mere gold. So if your faith remains
strong after being tried by fiery trials,
it will bring you much praise and glory and
honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed
to the whole world.” I Peter 1:7

Anybody want to go bike shopping?

But it also doubles nicely as a biker momma tattoo if I ever take up riding!

We are POWERFUL women taking this life one day at a time, fiery trials and all.  We have made choices to get to this point in our lives and there are always choices available to us at any given moment.  I choose to learn from people who have already been down this road.  I choose to live a full life as long as there is breath in my lungs.  I will survive in the words of Gloria Gayner.

Do you have any battle scars?  What is the meaning behind your tattoos if you have them?  If you don’t have one, but if you were going to get one, what would it be?  Come over to facebook and tell me about it.



Be The How Does She Do It Woman!

Are there women in your life that seem to get 10 times the amount of work accomplished in one day than you do in a week or a month? At this point I feel like it is SUPER important that I let you know that I am not one of those women.  I stand back in awe and can’t seem to figure out how they do it all.  I comfort myself from time to time by saying, “Oh, I’m comparing my worst with her best.” But the truth is there are women out there that are on top of things and I want to be more like them, but still be me.

At this point in my life, I am not the woman to come to for

*organization and time management tips

*help building a successful business

*healthy gourmet meals

*DEFINITELY not financial advice

*Decorating or craft advice

*Eventhough I’ve homeschooled my kids for almost a decade–you don’t want to come to me for advice there either.  (That would fall under organization and time management tips.)  While we are not a scholarly family, we do know how to survive 24 hours, 7 days a week in the same home without killing eachother–so that’s an accomplishment!

I am a work in progress.  While I can’t help you with the above list, what I have learned about happiness and well being over the last year is something I want to share with all women.  I know how to feel joyful and peaceful with not enough money to pay the bills, my father on a respirator in ICU, fighting kids, a messy house, and no health insurance.  The list of things I COULD worry about on a daily basis is HUGE and yet most days you won’t find me rocking back and forth in a corner overcome with worry, but you would have five years ago.  So come to me for unconditional love,a deep belief in you, your POWER and possibilities.  Come to me as an example of someone who is working daily to overcome obstacles and improve her life and believes in the same possibilities for you, but for the above list we need an expert in those areas.

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi Krakowski


I am so excited to pass along a FABULOUS Time and Life Management MP3 from Sandi Krakowski.  She is an expert in this area.  Sandi has built 11 successful companies while homeschooling. This is a POWERFUL resource and I hope you will make time now to listen to the whole thing!

Time and Life Management MP3 CLICK! CHECK IT OUT!!!

I am eager to implement what I learned and watch my life be transformed.  I am very SERIOUS about this.  I believe this is the answer to the scattered unfocused manner in which I have been living my adult life.  I hope you find it as useful and exciting!

“How on earth does a Millionaire Mompeneur who homeschools, have recovered from a life threatening illness, has been debt free for almost 5 years now DO IT ALL? I will tell you. But.. it won’t be pretty. It will be facts, figures, nitty gritty, get it DONE already type of information you’ve been craving for. The clients who do what I tell you will make more money, have a better sex life, enjoy their kids and have the business of their dreams.”–Sandi Krakowski at A Real Change
I want to hear what you think about it!  Come to facebook and let me know!

Sending LOVE and POWERFUL thoughts your way!

Sarah Boucher

Connect with me!!/P0WERFULW0MAN


Create A Life You Love To Live!

I started I Am A Powerful Woman because I want to encourage YOU to love yourself, believe in yourself, and challenge yourself to live a life that makes you feel ALIVE! It is AMAZING the amount of energy that becomes available when you are taking care of yourself and doing things you love to do and not just doing what should be done all day every day, week after week, year after year. I used to feel wiped out every day about 3:00. I don’t feel that way anymore. The majority of the time, I go strong up until bed time and I love the difference!

I am still learning along with you and I am having a BLAST!

I’m so excited!!!

All of the details are in order and I can FINALLY tell you the BIG NEWS!!!

Bevin Lynch, an AMAZING coach that I have dreamed of hiring for a year, has a 6 week daily email coaching program called Creating The Life You Love to Live. I want YOU to go through this with ME! I started to go through the program on my own and by DAY 3, by following the exercises, I created a way to hire Bevin to be my coach! This is a POWERFUL program!

I love the POWER of accountability and community! I want to go through Bevin’s program as a group–book club style! Creating The Life You Love To Live starts on July 2nd! When you sign up, you will be invited by me, to a join a private I Am A Powerful Woman/Creating the Life You Love to Live fb group, where we can talk every day about the goals we’ve set, and encourage each other to take action daily. In addition to the fb group, Bevin is going to do 3 live group coaching calls with us!!!

6 weeks of one on one coaching with Bevin would cost $3750 and the group coaching calls are a $500 value. We get all of this life changing content for $99!!! And yes, by listening to her program and doing the exercises, I created a way to hire her! I am still AMAZED!!! What will you create? I can’t wait to hear!

If you use the coupon code “POWERFUL” when you sign up, you will get 50% off of her Well-Being Expo Digital Downloads and The Well-Being Expo Tote Bag. I listened to every class of The Well Being Expo live–while suffering with a stomach virus. I didn’t want to miss it! My mentor, Bill Cumming, was one of the speakers!!!

If you use the code before June 30th, you will be entered in a drawing for a one on one coaching session with Bevin!!!

Go here to see the other bonuses that Bevin has included in her POWERFUL program and sign up today!!!

I can’t wait to meet YOU in the fb group, hear you on the calls with Bevin, and share this journey with you!!!

Let’s get busy CREATING a life we LOVE to live EVERY DAY!!!


Share this fun opportunity with your friends too! I am going to invite some of my friends who live close to do this with me and am planning to have a kick off party July 2nd and a celebration party at the end of the 6 weeks!!! There is POWER in sharing an experience with others! I would love to hear about and see pictures from your group! Woo hoo!

Sending LOVE and POWERFUL thoughts to you today!

Sarah Boucher


Unleash Your Power Through Coaching

Unleash Your Power Through Coaching
Coaching makes the game of life fun to play.  I want my life to always be fun.  Having someone cheer me on as I’ve made my next move over the last two years has been one of the greatest feelings I have ever known.  Unleash your POWER through coaching like I did.

Coaching is an AMAZING way to get support in reaching a goal or following your dreams!  Stepping out of your comfort zone into the unknown can be really scary.  Some people want to do it alone and would NEVER consider hiring an individual to support them. 

I am NOT one of those people.

I love team work and the coaching conversations I have had with coaches have offered me more support than my close friends and family members have been able to give me.  Often, those closest to us are the ones snuffing out our attempts to grow.  I am willing to pay for 100% support! 

The fact of the matter is this.  We all have the POWER to reach our goals without hiring a coach.  Michael Neill, a very highly paid coach says, “No one NEEDS a coach.  What coaching does is gives you accelerated results.”  (That is not verbatim.)  The truth is I don’t want to wait for years and years to reach my desired result and proclaim how I did it on my own.  I love exploring possibilities with another person. 

I want 100% support and I want to give 100% support. I want to support you as you unleash your power through coaching.

I’m tired of being shot down and told how what is in my heart can never be. 

“What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

What is it you want to achieve?

Coaching works best when you have some skin in the game.  You need to be committed to yourself and to the process.  I have gained my knowledge about coaching from very successful coaches who charge $1000 for an hour of their time and between $30,000 to $50,000  a year to be their apprentice.  I want to offer every day women, like myself, who don’t have an extra $30,000 laying around, coaching at an affordable price! I am looking forward to supporting you as you grow in your POWER!!!

Send an email to 
Subject line Introductory Coaching Call

In the call we will discuss what areas of your life you want coaching around. We will see if my style fits with your goal and if it does, we will discuss a coaching plan to fit your budget!

What One Person Can Do
In addition to coaching, I also offer the What One Person Can Do conversation. I was trained by Bill Cumming to hold this conversation with others. To find out more about that program, click on the link. If you are interested in What One Person Can Do in addition to coaching or on its own, please put What One Person Can Do in the subject line of your email.

I Am A Powerful Woman

Sending you lots of love and POWER!

Sarah Boucher












Unleash Your Power With Self Care

Self Care helps me get centered–grounded in my well being.  When I approach my day this way, I have a better experience of life.  Circumstances that would normally send me over the edge are easily handled and life moves on.  I have experienced a major shift in my life because of practicing self care.

We are taught that the world is an outside in deal–that things outside of us make us happy.  When I get this thing I’ve always wanted, then I will be happy.  The truth is that happiness is ALWAYS an inside out job.  This is why self care is crucial.  Michael Neill says, “We think we are experiencing reality but what we are really experiencing is our thinking.”  Making Self Care a habit has definitely helped me with my thinking.


Self Care is a very personal practice.  You have to find the right combination for you, but I will offer you the same starting place that was given to me.

These four Self Care thoughts come from Bill Cumming.  His organization is called The Boothby Institute. Bill recommends spending time each morning thinking about these four main points and then reading a couple of pages from authors like Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Greg Baer, whose books reinforce the main ideas of Self Care.

Self Care Thoughts

  1. We live in a miracle.
  2. We are ALL interconnected.
  3. The ONLY thing I can control today is the way I CHOOSE to BE in the world.
  4. Be gracious with yourself.

When I first started self care, I thought about these four thoughts and then tacked on The Four Agreements too.

  1. Be impeccable with your word.  (Don’t use your words to hurt yourself or others.
  2. Don’t take anything personally.  (Nothing others do or say is because of you.  It’s their own drama.)
  3. Don’t make assumptions.  (Don’t assume you know what others are thinking or that they know what you are thinking.)
  4. Always do your best.  (Your best changes from day to day.)

Doing self care that way worked for me, but now I do it differently.  I pray about the Self Care thoughts and then pray about whatever else I want to pray about.  It just seems natural to me in thinking about the miracle of life, to thank God for it right then and there.  That may or may not work for you.  There are no rules.  I only know that taking time to dwell on those four points does make an incredible difference in the way I experience a day.

If you find yourself in the middle of the day ungrounded–do self care.  It makes sense that if it works in the beginning of the day that it would work in the middle too.

I want all of us to go through our days with MORE JOY, MORE PEACE, and MORE POWER and Self Care is a very effective way to do so. I created a one page Self Care Guide that you can print off. I use it from time to time to help my wandering mind stay focused. I even skip around from one section of the page to another as my thoughts roam, filling out whatever part of the page the thought fits into.

In addition to the Daily Self Care Guide, here’s a link to an AMAZING video that leaves me feeling like I’ve just done Self Care every time I watch it.

I hope you enjoy these resources and please feel free to share them with others!

I Am A Powerful Woman shirt

Sarah Boucher happily encourages women to grow in their power daily at I Am A Powerful Woman. Come join the conversation there.  If you have questions regarding the 12 week program What One Person Can Do or the online version What Every Person Can Do, you can get in touch with Sarah here.




Unleash Your Power

Every one of us is as POWERFUL as ROSIE is!

We are as capable and POWERFUL as the woman we admire most!

How exciting is that?!

Everything we admire about women like Oprah, Maya Angelou, Helen Keller, Princess Di, Rosa Parks, J.K. Rowling, Gloria Steinem, Mother Teresa–we have what each of them have or had inside of us!  We were all born with that very same capacity to do great good and creative things in the world and we can access it.  It’s inside of each of us right now.

Take a minute and let that in!!!

Now, grab a pen and paper and write down a list of the women you admire most and what they do or have done that makes them someone to look up to.

Look at your list.

Those women do not have more value in the world than YOU do because of their talent or things they have accomplished in their lives.  You have just as much value to me as any one of the women on that list, regardless of what you may have accomplished or what you have failed at.  It does not matter.  You have VALUE and YOU are loved! (and so am I!)

Now, write your full name at the top of your list!

This I Am a Powerful Woman mindset is a new way of thinking for me.  My life feels like  a THRILLING adventure because of it!  Because of the POWERFUL transformation I went through, I believe it is ABSOLUTELY essential to support you in achieving the same result in your life.  I cannot enjoy this new way of living knowing that you may be feeling as insecure, lonely, and overwhelmed as I was two years ago.  I was mostly miserable and now I am mostly exuberant!

I am not an expert in anything but my own experience.  My life from the traditional definition of success, screams struggle and impending failure.  That’s okay.  I’m on a journey and it’s really just getting started.  I’ve got BIG goals and my story is not complete.  I invite you to follow me as I continue to grow and to grow along with me into your own POWER!  I would LOVE nothing more than to be on this journey together!  Sign up below for my weekly newsletter.  You will get an update from me and I will pass along resources and programs that will inspire and be of use to you in your journey!