Go Jane!

If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you watched my Facebook video about my scary encounter in a dark parking lot a few nights ago.

Having someone follow my daughter and me to our car and my response to keep us safe, reminded me about Allie Chee’s book Go, Jane!

Go Jane

Go, Jane! is a GREAT book for women who want to avoid ending up in or who keep finding themselves in less than fulfilling relationships with Dicks (get it?…Dick and Jane???)  It’s also a book about staying safe and keeping your distance from men with evil intentions.  It’s also about loving yourself.  In other words, it’s loaded with great content.

I want to be able to share this straightforward wisdom with my girls when they get a little older.

Allie gave me a couple of extra copies of the book to do a give away and this seemed like a fitting time to do so.  If you’d like to win a FREE copy of Go, Jane! fill out the form below.  I’ll announce a winner on Saturday, June 4th.

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You can also find this book and Allie’s other books in Amazon.