Why Have a Mind?

why have a mind

Keep an open mind. Be open to new thoughts and experiences.

Don’t shut out possibilities because you’ve made up your mind a long time ago that life is the way it is.

Embrace life! Embrace people who see the world differently than you do. We’re all just people.

Not a SINGLE one of us has more worth than another.

I don’t have less worth than Mother Teresa.

Am I A Fool

I don’t have more worth than someone who has committed rape or murder. I may be less of a threat, but my life is not more valuable than theirs or less valuable than Mother Teresa’s and neither is yours.

Don’t agree with me or find it hard to accept that you’re made of the same stuff Mother Teresa was?

Do you want to talk about it?

I do. How about this Monday?
Grab your spot on Monday night’s call here.

Be there or be square. 🙂
Just joking. I’m looking forward to talking with YOU Monday night.


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